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Sunday, October 24, 2010

art quote for ya !

A painting is never finished--it simply stops in interesting places. (Paul Gardner)

" Koi , Love and Friendship " 18x24 original painting


one of a kind painting
" Koi , Love and Friendshp  "
C. Wright


Just finished this morning !! paint still wet when I took pics !
18x24 inch acrylic painting on stretched canvas .
I saw an article on Koi and was fascinated by the meanings of these fish !

This painting will go with any room needing some calming with a green or sea green and white color .
Better than having a fish tank in the living room -- don't have to maintain it !!


some of the colors -- blue , greem, white , red , orange and yellow -- a touch of black. 


** This is a one of a kind OOAK original 18x24 inch painting on stretched canvas .
** signed on front and back
**I will include a certificate of authenticity .
It will be on Ebay for the next 30 days -- get it now !!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Since humankind first put brush to canvas.................

Since humankind first put brush to canvas, artists have played with the mind and the senses to create sublime atmospheres and odd impressions. It is only recently, with a blossoming understanding of the way the brain deconstructs images, that neuroscientists and psychologists have finally begun to understand how these tricks work. 

Here we take you on a grand tour of the burgeoning field of neuroaesthetics. You’ll find out how Claude Monet bypasses your consciousness and plugs straight into your emotions, how Salvador Dali triggers neural conflicts and how Renaissance art and trompe l’oeil fool us into believing the impossible. And we turn the spotlight on the artist’s mind, revealing how Wassily Kandinsky drew on his synaesthesia to produce some of the most celebrated artworks of the 20th century.

Read more -- really cool !!

Famous Artists: Top 30 Artist Searches

Artcyclopedia Guide to Fine Art

Famous Artists:
Top 30 Artist Searches

(data for June 1-30, 2010)


     Rank     ArtistMindshare Index
(Picasso = 100)
1Pablo Picasso100
2Vincent van Gogh79
3Leonardo da Vinci69
4Claude Monet62
5Henri Matisse59
6Salvador Dali50
8Andy Warhol42
9Georgia O'Keeffe40
11Wassily Kandinsky17
12Peter Paul Rubens16
13Joan Miro16
14Paul Cezanne15
17Paul Klee13
18Jackson Pollock13
19Pierre-Auguste Renoir12
20Edward Hopper12
21Paul Gauguin12
22Edgar Degas12
24Albrecht Durer12
25Marc Chagall12
26Gustav Klimt11
27Piet Mondrian11
29Edouard Manet11
30Rene Magritte11 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I added more detail to "The Beach "

"May your joys be as deep as the ocean, your sorrows as light as its foam."

one of a kind painting

" The Beach "
C. Wright
originally finished on 5-04-09 but I  added more details 10-2-10

16 x 20 acrylic painting on stretched canvas

I enjoyed painting this project . 
Check out the island in the distance !!
A great summer painting for any beach / ocean lover !!
Add to your ocean decor with this pretty painting !! 
some of the colors -- blue , green , brown, black and white
acrylic paint
I like to add interest to the paintings with texture !!
I seem to be having too much fun with this painting hobby of mine !!
You never know what I will paint next !! 
** OOAK acrylic painting on 16 x 20 inch stretched canvas.** 
signed on front and back
I will include a certificate of authenticity .

If there are any questions about any of my listings, please feel free to contact me. 
Please keep track of cwrightartgallery !!! 
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**************Thank You!!!**************

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