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Monday, July 25, 2011

Invitation to post your work !!

You can follow me and comment with a link to your work. 
Let us all get inspired by other artists !!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

latest ---- Set of 2 Floral 11x14 original acrylic painting canvas

 " Set of 2 Floral " 
C. Wright


Two  11x14 original acrylic paintings on   canvas


This set was inspired by a set of drapes I saw .

I brushed a brown background .
There are brown stems with green leaves and vines .
Red and white flowers  which bloom to a mix of other colors.

A nice pair / set of paintings to add to any decor !


some of the colors -- red , white , browns , blue and green

** These are one of a kind OOAK original 11x14 inch paintings on stretched canvas .
** signed on front and back
**I will include a certificate of authenticity for each one .

Saturday, July 16, 2011


“I do what I do because I love to do it,” cries the passionate, acclaimed fashion designer Isabel Toledo who, in addition to other achievements, designed the gown First Lady Michelle Obama wore at her husband’s inauguration. Join host John Jacobsen as he strolls through Isabel’s atelier, and take a peek at the eclectic New York studio of her husband Ruben Toledo, as he creates. How do you define art? “Feeling!” says Ruben. “Spirit!” says Isabel. Two of the peak designers working today, Isabel and Ruben Toledo represent a quarter century of being in love and building their potent design brand, and they agree on at least one thing: “Art is discovery.” Isabel, long considered one of fashion’s true innovators, has been called by Geoffrey Beene, “a major talent, one of the secrets of American fashion.” Ruben, whose work encompasses everything from designing for the world’s leading stores to illustrations in publications such as The New Yorker, Details and Vogue, talk about craft, process, teamwork, and their inspiring life as a married couple…in the arts. Says Ruben, “…we’re all born with that secret key that gives you the power to unlock your ideas.” Find the key, with The Artist Toolbox.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sand Art - "Emotions" - SandFantasy

How to Display Art

How to Display Art
    • When buying art remember that you are trying to personalize your home with art and accessories. You must decide what you like and what you can live with.
    • When decorating try to repeat a color at least three times in a room.
      Relate your art to its surroundings. Art prints placed about 6"-9" above a sofa will create a unified look.
    • Cover two thirds of the space above furniture with one or more pieces of art to achieve proper proportion.
    • Position artwork at "eye level" to look at the center of it from either a sitting or standing position.
    • Vary the height of table top accessories for balance and interest.
    • Create a formal look with symmetrical groupings of art. Create an informal look with asymmetrical groupings.
    • Place mirrors so they reflect something beautiful. Use them to add dimension, expand space or reflect light in a room.
    • Display art on easels to create interest in corners, bookcases or on table tops.
    • Custom frame artwork to coordinate with room decor. Select a frame that compliments the decorating style. Select mat colors that enhance both the art and color scheme.
Feng Shui Colors:
The basic Chinese interpretation of color is symbolic. Each color is also attributed to one of the five Elements. The strongest Feng Shui colors are red, green and gold which are used in the painting of Pa Kua (an octagonal shaped symbol which contains the four cardinal directions and the four intercardinal directions of the compass, plus the elements and the Trigrams.) and many other Chinese decorations.
  • Red for happines/festivity (Fire)
  • Green for peace and eternity, posterity and harmony (Wood)
  • White for peace, purity and sometimes mourning (Metal)
  • Gold for royality, strength and wealth (also Metal)
  • Silver represents Metal
  • Black for calamity (Water)
  • Blue for Heaven (dark blue also represents Water)

found this article here ---

Monday, July 4, 2011

" Night Owl " by C. Wright 8x10 inch acrylic painting on stretched canvas .

" Night Owl "
C. Wright

8x10 inch acrylic painting on stretched canvas .

It's  time for the spooky stuff ---- and owls !!
This night owl is lovin' life at night !!
Things always seem more spooky at night , too !
This owl is watching over all !
I brushed a background of red and blue mixing as I go.
Then painted trees , brush and birds with white and of course a mixture of all  


some of the colors -- blue , red , white 
 This is a one of a kind OOAK original 8x10 inch painting on stretched canvas .
** signed on front and back**I will include a certificate of authenticity.