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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hang Your Canvas Painting .

You want to display your recent purchase or your talent and sometimes this can give you grief because it just won't look straight.

Canvas paintings can be heavy -- so you need to make sure what you hang them with will hold the weight.

One way to hang a canvas is with nails into the wall .

Measure the dimensions of the canvas painting especially the width of the canvas.

Use a level -- Mark the wall with a pencil. 1 -- far left edge, 1 -- in the center and 1 -- at the far right. Make sure the level measures straight across so the painting sits straight.

Hammer a nail into each of the marks on the wall at least 1 inch and leave 1/2 inch out to hold the painting .

This is just a simple way for you to hang a canvas -- one nail seems to cause more problems because it allows the canvas to tilt when there is a vibration or movement of the wall.

I hope this helps you -- I know there are many ways to hang pictures, etc. but this is the simple way -- cheaper way -- my way !!

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