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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I see a blue dog in my next painting !!

Okay -- I had a suggestion to paint a blue dog -- well, I thought and thought about it .
I can paint a blue dog  but what will be in there with this poor ol' blue dog ?
I think I will make it cute and put some flowers in there -- you know, spring is here  !
As soon as I get some more time -- I will start it -- and see what happens !
I go with the flow -- sometimes I have all intentions to paint a subject and it makes a U turn and goes someplace completely different !!
Do you artists out there run into the same thing ? I like it in a way because it becomes a strange surprise for me, too !
Feel free to comment on my blog as you follow my progress as an artist !
You know -- when you comment on blogs, it gets your name out there , too !
Have a beautiful day !!

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